creating an idea has never been so easy, but with HiBook the task has become simple, we assist you from your first step in order to end up satisfying you and giving you the best well-developed and precise idea


we ensure the execution of a multitude of tasks going beyond the capacities of a simple editor. With the help of our professional and serious team, we guarantee you the best edition of your products.


HiBook accompanies you throughout the process of creation and edition of your products, at the manufacturing stage, our house calls on its team of specialists who ensure the good manufacturing and production.


when the product is finalized, "HiBook" the publishing house relies on our distributors and distributors who have the task of making sure to find points of sale and markets and finally to send copies there

Our relationship with schools :

HIBOOK offers schools wide and diverse services, starting with the interesting products we offer that have a direct link with the students, educational, educational and fun products whose aim is to create a love for studies while having fun. , and going up to the usual or personalized printing.
Whatever your need, HIBOOK guarantees you the best result.


Our relationship with bookstores:

A bookstore is a better place to dive into the educational world, and thanks to our “partnership” offer, bookstores and HIBOOK will succeed in implementing 100% educational products in front of customers’ eyes, attractive products and new ideas. creative.
Our special offers will surely satisfy your demands

Our relationship with your projects:

Being a but of edition and distribution, HIBOOK accompanies you from your first steps: creation of idea, then the edition and the production until the last steps: distribution. All you have to do is wait for the beautiful result you are looking for, a professional, creative and exceptional result.